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The award-winning XOJAY is getting an equally exclusive successor, the desirable XOPARQ!

Aesthetic elegance, glamorous aura

The apartments impress with floor-to-ceiling glass fronts, which not only ensure maximum comfort, but also offer an exceptional quality of life.

Here you can find the three different apartment types of the XOPARQ:

2-room apartment

74.54 sqm living area / 2 rooms / sun terrace

Price: 590.000€

4-room apartment

133.82 sqm living area / spacious roof terrace

Price: 2.500.000€

3-room apartment

95.58 sqm living space /Terrace and garden

Price: 1.180.000€

3 exclusive design lines

The "Raw" collection blends concrete surfaces in varying forms to create a

stylish environment full of charisma and temperament. Industrial chic in perfection.

"Adagio" embodies simplicity and beauty in a timeless presence that always leaves a touch of elegance.

"Artà" picks up on clear lines, inspired by Mallorcan craftsmanship. Deep structures and the reassuring feeling of home express personality and Mediterranean warmth.

This unique architectural masterpiece is located in the enchanting Nou Llevant district of Palma de Mallorca. With its proximity to the sea, the convenient distance to the airport and its close proximity to the popular Portixol district, XOPARQ embodies the highest level of luxury and luxury for us.

Our excellent relationship with the renowned property developer guarantees not only a first-class

first-class property, but also a partnership that stands for the highest quality and exclusivity.

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Passeig de Mallorca, 18
c/o ETL 1, 07012, Palma
Mallorca, España
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